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new stuff…

arte 1Split 3″ CDR wtih New York Against the Belzebu

black cover 1Split CDR PRO with Pulmonary Fibrosis

R-6256118-1414923178-2536 (1)Split CDR with To-Bo

Out now!

black cover 1

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The next releases…

– Split CDR with The Odours

– Split CDR with Pulmonary Fibrosis

– Split 3″CDR with Suffering Mind

– Split CDR with Nietzschelickers

– Split CDR with Pyemesis

– Split CDR with Jagernaut

– 4 way Split CDR with Pro-Past, Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience and Master of Genocide

– Split CDR with Demonterror (???)

Untitled E.P. the last of three!

This is the last of the three EPs session…
Coming soon, i’ll release this EP in PROCDR or 3″CDR in limited copies (maybe just 20 or less than it!)

Twist and Grind (EP)…

Here the second of three EP… Twist and Grind. If you don’t listen the first EP, you can hear below.