Info #002 – 06/04/2011

Agora o Agamenon Project tem uma página no Soundcloud! Clique aqui e ouça dois lindos sucessos.

Now the Agamenon Project have a SoundCloud page!!! Click here and listen two new songs.


– Split CDr with Aftersundown
– Split CDr with Radical Grind Core Squad
– Split CDr with SxFxCx
– Split CDr with Cum Sock
– Split CDr with Smärtgräns.

– Pissing the Attitude Compilation (released by Kill Inc Records)*

– Neurosis – Live at Limelight 1994 N.Y.C. (bootleg avaliable only for trade, 30 copies only)

– 4 way with D.E.S.K.A.R.G.A./Muerta Humanidad/Tom Crust/SxAxM (released by Piratea Y Difunde!)*

Write for trades! (see in contacts)


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