Info #003 – 19/05/2011

Depois de quase um mês sem fazer qualquer coisa com o Agamenon Project, hoje eu finalizei duas músicas que comecei a gravar ontem! Vocês podem conferir uma em cada “espaço virtual”, e .  Para gravar essas músicas utilizei sons diferentes para a bateria e espero que vocês gostem. Em breve além de vários splits vou lançar um “EP” que ainda está sem nome, mas adianto que sairá em cópias limitadas! Valeu!

After almost one month without do anything with the Agamenon Project, today i finished to record 2 new songs that i started yesterday! You can check in each “virtual space” of Agamenon Project in and To do this songs i put differents sounds to make the drums and i really hope that you like it! Coming soon (beyond many splits)  i’ll release with my label WHO CARES? RECORDS, one EP that don’t have name yet, but will go out in limited copies!!!



– Split CDr with Aftersundown (R$4,00/$3,00/3,00)
– Split CDr with Radical Grind Core Squad (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with SxFxCx (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Cum Sock (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Smärtgräns. (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Ayaksvoksom (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Goregasmatron (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
-Split CDr with 54R (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Magnitizdat (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Pissing the Attitude Compilation (released by Kill Inc Records)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Neurosis – Live at Limelight 1994 N.Y.C. (bootleg avaliable only for trade, 30 copies only)

– 4 way with D.E.S.K.A.R.G.A./Muerta Humanidad/Tom Crust/SxAxM (released by Piratea Y Difunde!)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

T-shirt (click here to see) only in M and S size. (1 = R$ 25,00/$15,00/10,00) Limited!

I have Patchs for trades!!! (1 = R$2,50/$1,00/1,00)


Write for trades! (see in contacts)


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