Mais novidades!!! / More news!!!

Split CD'r with Dor de Ouvido - Who Cares? Records | Noise Mesmo Records

Split CD'r with Slaughtergrave by Who Cares? Records | Noise Mesmo Records

Split CD'r with Konfident - Who Cares? Records

Split CD'r with Disgod - Who Cares? Records

Diskette with 2 songs!!! - Who Cares? Records (Extreme limited with green cover!)

Todos os discos estão disponíveis para trocas! Em caso de dúvidas mande um e-mail e vamos nessa! Chequem as novidades abaixo…

All cds are available for trades! Send me a e-mail and let’s do it! Check the news below…
Clique para download gratuíto dos EPs virtuais! | Click in the names to free download of Virtual EPs!

.: Masters aren’t enough to us :.
.: Ask me for ther mercy of god :.


– Split CDr with Bassookah (Netherlands) by Seven times more Scary and Who Cares? Records
– Split CDr with Expurgado (Brazil) – Crust or Die Distro!
– Split CDr with Dissected (Greece) – More infos coming soon.
– Split with Harimau Pukat (Indonesia) – More infos coming soon.
– Split CDr with Chaotic Sound (Brazil) – More infos coming soon.
-Split CDr with Monstromorgue (Brazil) – More infos coming soon.


– Split CDr with Konfident (R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00)
– Split CDr with Disgod (R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00)
– Diskette 2 trax (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00- Split CDr with Slaughtergrave (R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00)
– Split CDr with Dor de Ouvido (R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00)

– Split CDr with Aftersundown (R$4,00/$3,00/3,00)
– Split CDr with Radical Grind Core Squad (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with SxFxCx (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Cum Sock (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Smärtgräns. (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Ayaksvoksom (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Goregasmatron (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
-Split CDr with 54R (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Magnitizdat (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Fokkum (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Pissing the Attitude Compilation (released by Kill Inc Records)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Neurosis – Live at Limelight 1994 N.Y.C. (bootleg available only for trade, 30 copies only)

– 4 way with D.E.S.K.A.R.G.A./Muerta Humanidad/Tom Crust/SxAxM (released by Piratea Y Difunde!)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

T-shirt (click here to see) only in M and S size. (1 = R$ 25,00/$15,00/10,00) Limited!

I have Patchs for trades!!! (1 = R$2,50/$1,00/1,00)

PayPal accepted! Shipping not inclued!

Write for trades! (click here to see the contacts)

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