Info #010 – 08/11/2011

Após um ano com muitos lançamentos, decidi tirar férias do projeto e voltar com força total apenas em Janeiro de 2012! Muito em breve irão sair os splits com Expurgado e com o Pukat Harimau da Indonésia! Recentemente sairam os splits com o Konfident da República Tcheca, Disgod da Indonésia, Dor de Ouvido, Slaughtergrave e Dissected, ambos da Grécia, além de um disquete com 2 músicas em tiragem totalmente limitada! Não poderia ter sido melhor. O sistema de trocas continua firme e forte, caso tenha interesse não deixe de mandar e-mail para

After a year with many releases, i’m in vacations of this project and i’ll comeback with a full force only in January, 2012! Coming soon will be released the splits with Expurgado and with Pukat Harimau from Indonesia! Recently was released the splits with Konfident from Czech Rep., Disgod from Indonesia, Dor de Ouvido from Brazil, Slaughtergrave and Dissected both from Greece, and one diskette with 2 songs in a very limited edition! Don’t have how to be better!  The system of trades still strong, if you want make some trades don’t let to send one e-mail to

Split with Dissected released by Deathforce Recs.

 Clique para download gratuíto! (Click to free download!)
Masters aren’t enough to us
Ask me for ther mercy of god

Check the video!

Check some songs in Bandcamp

Check some songs in Soundcloud


– Split CDr with Bassookah (Netherlands) by Seven times more Scary and Who Cares? Records
– Split CDr with Expurgado (Brazil) – Crust or Die Distro!
– Split with Pukat Harimau (Indonesia) – More infos coming soon.
– Split CDr with Chaotic Sound (Brazil) – More infos coming soon.
-Split CDr with Monstromorgue (Brazil) – More infos coming soon.
– 4way with Dissensate, Sauerkraut, Pyschotic Sufferance.


– Split CDr with Dissected (R$5,00/$2,00/€2,00)
– Split CDr with Konfident (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
– Split CDr with Disgod (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
– Diskette 2 trax (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
R$3,00/$2,00/€2,00- Split CDr with Slaughtergrave (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
– Split CDr with Dor de Ouvido (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)

– Split CDr with Aftersundown (R$2,00/$1,00/€1,00)
– Split CDr with Radical Grind Core Squad (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with SxFxCx (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Cum Sock (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Smärtgräns. (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Ayaksvoksom (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Goregasmatron (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
-Split CDr with 54R (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Magnitizdat (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
– Split CDr with Fokkum (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Pissing the Attitude Compilation (released by Kill Inc Records)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

– Neurosis – Live at Limelight 1994 N.Y.C. (bootleg available only for trade, 30 copies only)

– 4 way with D.E.S.K.A.R.G.A./Muerta Humanidad/Tom Crust/SxAxM (released by Piratea Y Difunde!)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

T-shirt (click here to see) only in M and S size. (SOLD OUT)

I have Patchs for trades!!! (1 = R$2,50/$1,00/1,00)

PayPal accepted! Shipping not inclued!

 Write for trades! (click here to see the contacts)

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