My own tribute for Agathocles!

When i got release a split with Agathocles, i don’t could believe it! Having a split with some band that are the true inspiration for your work, it’s awesome! Was released just 50 copies and i really want release it again someday.

I had the idea for this tribute a long time ago but, i left this idea to do that for another time… In the last week, i tried any contact with the organizer, of a brazilian tribute or something like that (i don’t have any idea when it will happens), but i don’t was invited to participate, so…

I decided do this small tribute with some old cover songs that i recorded a long time ago, because I really like the all work that the Agathocles are doing until today! They are a true inspiration (with many other bands, of course) for this project.

I met Jan and Koen (that we have a split together too!) when they played in my city! They are awesome fellas! And so, this is a little homage for this great band!


You can listen here!

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