Another tribute?! Oh, fuck!

Do you hate Ratos de Porão!? Nobody hates them! That’s an awsome band and i just remembered that i had recorded some cover songs… I decided make a new mix in Crucificados pelo Sistema, (but the “original” version you can listen here:, and i put the exclusive version of Crianças Sem Futuro, that will be one song that i’ll use on the split with Death Slam.

I really hope that you like and enjoy!

Coming soon…

– Split CDR w/ Sauerkraut
– Split CDR w/ Moria
– Split PRO CDR w/ Death Slam
– Split CDR w/ The Odours
– PRO CDR Full Length (Limited copies) “Waiting The Bombs Fall”
– PRO CDR (some kind of full length, I DON’T KNOW!) with 12 songs
– CDR (Limited copies and Virtual, why not?)”Goodstomper” with 18 songs!
– Split CDR with New York Against The Belzebu

For trades:

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